24 November, 2010

Pseudo-Chrysostom on Civil Righteousness and Righteousness Before God

You shall find many which have not the true faith, and be not of the flock of Christ, and yet (as it appears) they flourish in good works of mercy: you shall find them full of pity, compassion, and given to justice. And yet for all that they have no fruit of their works, because they lack the chief work. For when the Jews asked Christ what they should do to work good works, he answered, "This is the work of God, to beleive in him whom he sent" (John 6.29). So, Christ called faith the work of God.
Pseudo-Chrysostom, De Fide et Lege Naturae 1 [PG 48. 1081-82], as quoted in the Anglican Book of Homilies, Homily on Good Works.
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