03 July, 2010

Athanasius on Scripture

"The holy and inspired Scriptures are fully sufficient for the proclamation of the truth". Athanasius (Against the Heathen, 1:3)

"Now one might write at great length concerning these things, if one desired to go into details respecting them; for the impiety and perversity of heresies will appear to be manifold and various, and the craft of the deceivers to be very terrible. But since holy Scripture is of all things most sufficient for us, therefore recommending to those who desire to know more of these matters, to read the Divine word, I now hasten to set before you that which most claims attention, and for the sake of which principally I have written these things." Athanasius (To the Bishops of Egypt, Ch 1:4)

"Vainly then do they run about with the pretext that they have demanded Councils for the faith's sake; for divine Scripture is sufficient above all things; but if a Council be needed on the point, there are the proceedings of the Fathers, for the Nicene Bishops did not neglect this matter, but stated the doctrine so exactly, that persons reading their words honestly, cannot but be reminded by them of the religion towards Christ, announced in divine Scripture" Athanasius (On The Synodis, 1:6)
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