30 November, 2009

Original Sin

That the concupiscence which remains after regeneration is truly sin, in contradiction to the Roman doctrine set forth at the Council of Trent that regeneration removes sin and renders one innocent and pure:

We cannot be clean in this in this earthly and carrion habitation of the body unless through the ablution of mercy from heaven, we attain a cleansing when a more glorious nature is wrought in our earthly body after the change of the resurrection.

Hilary, as quoted by Augustine in Contra Julianum.

Let no-one flatter himselfthat he has a pure and spotless heart, so that, relying on his innocence, he believes that medicine need not be applied to his wounds, because it is written: 'Who will boast that he has a pure heart? Or who will boast that he is free from sin?' But if no-one is able to be without sin, then whoever says that he is blameless is either proud or foolish.

Cyprian, as quoted by Augustine in Contra Julianum
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