15 November, 2009

Feedback Requested From Followers and Readers

Greetings Followers and other Readers of this Blog!

I hope you are well and that the blog has been of benefit to you in increasing your confidence in the catholicity of Lutheran doctrine.

Today is my 'day off' (I'm actually posting this on Monday 16th Australian time, for some reason my date stamp is a day behind), which gives me a little time to work on my blogs.

I've been mulling over the format of Lutheran Catholicity and wondering whether, before it gets too big, a change in format might be advisable. I would appreciate your feedback on this matter. Please do so via the comments box or e-mail me via my profile page e-mail address.

Basically, as you know, at the moment the format is that of an expanding book, with new entries added to an existing 'chapter'. This suits my purposes well but probably makes it difficult for the reader to follow - a new entry containing an important citation, e.g. the recently posted quote from John Chrysostom on the justification of the thief on the cross by grace alone through faith alone, might be missed if you do not re-read the appropriate 'chapter' and see the new quote. Therefore I am proposing a normal blog format where each new post is a new and separate entry which is also filed under one or more categories. This would mean that I will have to re-post all the quotes on the blog at present in this format, a little bit of extra work, but worth it if it makes the blog easier to follow and benefit from, which is the goal.

Let me know what you think...

Peace & Joy in the Lord!
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