26 October, 2009

How to Use This Blog


The purpose of this blog is to record and catalogue quotations both ancient and modern in support of the catholicity of Lutheran doctrine and make them available to all who are interested. It is recommended that instead of reading this blog like any other, that is, starting at the most recent post, you instead use the menu list to the right, headed 'Articles of Faith and Other Categories', to navigate your way through the various categories of posts. The 'Articles of Faith' correspond more or less to those listed in the Augsburg Confession, the primary Lutheran confession of faith (1530AD), while the 'Other Categories' include doctrinal subjects not explicitly discussed in the Augsburg Confession and blog related subjects, including the category 'What is Catholicity', which contains posts that explore that topic.

This blog is a work in progress, so each category is likely to expand considerably in content over the next twelve or so months, and new categories will also be added regularly, so check back frequently. If the present format becomes too unwieldy, it may be revised as we go, so it can be kept as user-friendly as possible. Also, because quotations have been obtained at various times and from various places, the bibliographic references may not be complete and may not reflect a uniform style; in time I hope to correct these shortcomings, but for the moment it seems more important to collate and publish the material I have and get as many categories as possible listed.

Please consider becoming an official follower, since it encourages me to know that people are actually reading and interested in this project!

Thanks for visiting, come again, and may God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, bless you with peace and joy.
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