26 October, 2009


Because of this Unity of Person, it happens that what is proper to God is ascribed to the man, and what is proper to the flesh is ascribed to God indifferently and without distinction. Therefore, as it is written in Holy Scripture: 'He that descended from heaven, the Son of man who is in heaven' and 'crucified the Lord of glory' on earth. Furthermore, since the body of the Lord was made and created, it is said that the 'Word' of God Himself was 'made'. His wisdom filled up, His knowledge created; therefore do the prophetic writings refer to His hands and feet as 'pierced.' - Vincent of Lerins, Commonitories, Chapter 15

The Word, however, communicates what is of His own to man, but does not receive, in turn, that which is from the mortal; and He imparts the divine power to the mortal, but is not led, in turn, into a participation of the mortal (the Word of the Father has of Himself communicated what was His to the assumed man; for He has communicated the divine power to the assumed mortal nature, but has not, in turn, assumed for Himself anything out of the mortal nature).
Eusebius, Demonstr. Evang., 1.4
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